The STS transferred mistakenly paid funds to pay off a debt

A construction company from Dnipro mistakenly paid a single tax for the fourth quarter of 2021 in the amount of UAH 20.300 to the budget of the city of Melitopol instead of Dnipro. The company submitted applications for the return of mistakenly paid funds to the Main Department of the State Tax Service in Zaporizhzhya Region three times and also asked to transfer the funds to repay the tax debt to the Main Department of the State Tax Service in Dnipropetrovsk Region. However, all its efforts were unsuccessful.
During the complaint investigation, BOC turned to the MD STS in Zaporizhzhya region and asked to properly consider the company’s arguments. In accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine, the tax authority must respond to the complainant’s statement and make a refund or transfer funds to the correct account.
After the Council’s interbention, the tax office transferred UAH 20.300 to the account of the MD STS of the Dnipropetrovsk region, and thus paid off the company’s tax debt that arose due to an error.

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