Construction equipment supplier returns UAH 131k of customs duties and UAH 289k of VAT

Customs issues: Valuation L'viv region

A construction equipment supplier complained to the Business Ombudsman Council about the decision of Lviv Customs. It turned out that during fire bricks clearance, customs officers adjusted the customs value of goods due to discrepancies in the documents submitted for customs clearance to confirm the declared value.
The company tried to challenge actions of Lviv customs officials on its own and submitted additional documents, but the regional customs refused to change its decision.
To help the company, BOC participated in the company’s administrative complaint review with the State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCS). The SCS noted the company did not provide all the documents important for considering the complaint, so it additionally sent the company a detailed request, having suspended the complaint consideration period for 20 days.
The company provided all the requested documents, particularly an invoice with explanations about its drawing up peculiarities and terms of payment for goods and expenses related to its transportation.
As a result, the SCS satisfied the company’s complaint. Consequently, the company managed to return UAH 131k of customs duties and UAH 289k of VAT.

Next case:: The STS confirmes company's right to budget refund worth UAH 386k