City Council partly satisfies construction permit request

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Subject of complaint: Truskavets Mayor and City Council in Lviv Oblast
Complaint in brief: The Complainant, a small construction company in Truskavets, addressed the BOC after the City Council and Mayor of Truskavets refused to approve plans for the construction of a 6-floor building. Although the company had submitted the necessary packet of documents, the Council would only approve construction of a 4-floor building. The Complainant decided to turn to the BOC for help resolving the problem.
Action taken: The BOC discussed the issue with the Chief Architect of Truskavets. The BOC investigator also sent a letter to the Mayor, asking to resolve the Complainant’s issue. The Council approved the construction documents at a second vote on June 16, but it did not specify the exact number of floors. 
Result achieved: A few weeks later, the Complainant informed the BOC that Truskavets City Council had partly satisfied his request and approved 5 floors to be constructed. Since Complainant did not respond affirmatively to a BOC enquiry as to whether he intended to challenge this decision in court, the BOC closed the case as resolved with a partial success.

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