Cargo with frozen beef is unblocked

Customs issues: Valuation Volynska region

Complainee: The State Customs Service (SCS), Volyn Customs of the State Customs Service (Volyn Customs)
Complaint in brief: The Business Ombudsman Сouncil received a complaint from a Belarusian cargo carrier. The company complained that during import of frozen beef from Poland to Ukraine, Volyn Customs detained a cargo belonging to a Polish company. Customs officers drew up an inspection report on transported goods and found  the complainant was transporting goods different from those stated in the documents. For almost 30 days, the cargo, as well as the complainant’s vehicle and driver, were at the customs terminal. During this time customs officers did not make any claims or accusations against the carrier. The company turned to the BOC for help.
Actions taken: The investigator examined the case file and found the complaint substantiated. During investigation of the complaint by the Council’s investigator, it was established that there were no refrigeration units for storage of goods at Volyn Customs. The Council asked Volyn Customs and the SCS to explain why the company’s vehicle and driver had been detained at the border and, if there were no violations by the carrier, to let his vehicle and driver go through the customs control zone.
Result achieved: The SCS followed the Council’s recommendations and placed the cargo in special refrigeration units for safe storage, as well as cleared the complainant’s vehicle and allowed it to enter the territory of Ukraine. The case was successfully closed.

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