Cambin extends critical imports list

Many appeals to #HelpLine relate to the critical import issue. The first appeals on this topic were received by the Business Ombudsman Council from Ukrainian agricultural and woodworking enterprises.
The first company, an agricultural machinery distributor, intended to supply foreign agricultural machinery to Ukraine for a sowing campaign. Although Ukraine has its  production of agricultural machinery, most of it has traditionally been imported from abroad. In addition, the main national manufacturing enterprises in this industry are located in the areas where active hostilities are taking place. The BOC applicant faced difficulties in paying for the imported machinery from abroad, as long as this item was not included in the critical imports list. 
A similar appeal to the BOC was addressed by a woodworking enterprise from the Volyn region. Due to the hostilities, forestries operation suspension and disrupted logistics, the company was unable to purchase unprocessed timber from the state-owned enterprises in Sumy, Cherkasy, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions. Earlier, the company used to partially import wood from abroad, so now it decided to do so again. However, the company faced the critical import issue to be able to pay under foreign trade agreements.
After receiving the appeal, the BOC lawyers promptly contacted the companies’ representatives and helped them to file applications to expand the critical import list. The Council sent a letter to the Ministry of Economy recommending that the seeders and unprocessed timber be included in the list.
On March 19, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers amended the Resolution No.153 of February 22, 2022, which expanded the critical import list respectively.

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