An agrocompany receives license for exporting poultry meat

A Ukrainian agricultural company turned to the BOC helpline. Before war, the company exported chicken carcasses to Africa. One of the problems faced by the company was limit of export of certain types of goods.
Thus, in order to prevent the food crisis, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution № 207 of March 5, 2022, which banned the export of certain types of meat, cereals, sugar and salt. The company feared that due to the introduced restrictions it would not be able to continue exporting chicken, which would threaten an environmental catastrophe, as the company does not have sufficient opportunities to dispose of surplus products that are not consumed in the domestic market of Ukraine.
The BOC investigator promptly considered the company’s request and explained that the ban did not apply to the company’s products, as the export of chicken meat was not banned, but only limited by the need of obtaining a license.
With the BOC facilitation, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine issued a license to the company to export the first 20 containers of chicken.
It should be recalled that licensing export of certain types of food products is temporary and aims to providing population with an adequate amount of food. Therefore, if there is a surplus of goods in the domestic market, the Ministry allows its export, and if domestic consumption increases, the Ministry refuses to issue a license to ensure food security.
The Government monitors the needs of the population and business, and promptly responds to changes in circumstances, as evidenced by the amendments of 09.04.2022 to the above resolution and the lifting of the ban on beef exports.
BOC follows legislative novelties and makes every effort to establish mutual understanding between government and business.

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