Boryspil Council signs off on land use docs after continued delay

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Allocating land plots Kyiv region

Subject of complaint: Boryspil City Council
Complaint in brief: On August 11, 2017, an agricultural enterprise from Kyiv Oblast turned to the BOC with a complaint regarding the inaction on the part of the Boryspil City Council. The Council had been delaying the registration of technical documentation and a land lease agreement for the Complainant’s land parcel for a couple of months.
In June 2016, the company had acquired a grain elevator in Boryspil and began registering the land on which it was located. Without the land parcel agreement, the enterprise could not use the elevator properly: hook it up to power and gas, renovate the elevator, and start any new construction. For various reasons, however, the process of getting approvals and registering technical documentation proved very drawn out for the company.
At first, the land use purpose had been incorrectly formulated. After this mistake was corrected, which took over two months, the company faced other problems: for a long time, the City Council did not even consider the Complainant’s request. The company turned to the BOC at the point when all the technical documentation had been finalized on its side, but the registration kept being delayed by Boryspil City Council.
Actions taken: The BOC investigator studied the details of the case and held a number of conference calls with members of the Boryspil City Council. During these discussions, the BOC supported the Complainant’s position and explained the consequences of disrupting the timeframes for registering technical documentation to the City Council officials. The investigator advised the chair of the Land Use Commission to raise the Complainant’s case at the next session.
Result achieved: On September 9, Boryspil City Council finally registered the Complainant’s land use documentation. Thanks to the BOC intervention and constructive actions by Boryspil City Council officials, the case, which had dragged on for a long time, was successfully closed in less than a month.

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