At fourth attempt: company receives a building permit with the BOC facilitation

Other state regulators DABI Mykolayiv region

Complainee: The State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (DABI)
Complaint in brief: A Mykolaiv grain trader complained to the Business Ombudsman Council of the inaction of the DABI. The company applied to the supervisory authority three times, but it refused to issue a permit for construction works commencement on the elevator in Poltava Oblast. According to the responsible official of the DABI Permit Procedures Department, the complainant’s documents were not in line with the current legislation and there was no conclusion on the environmental impact assessment and other necessary documents among them. The last time the complainant submitted an application and a comprehensive package of documents online through the “DIIA” portal, but had not received the respective response. Having received the company’s complaint, the Council’s investigator launched his own investigation.
Actions taken: The Council found the company’s complaint substantiated and recommended DABI to consider impartially the complainant’s application for a building permit. In particular, in case of a refusal to issue such a permit, the Council requested the DABI to explain in detail the reasons for such a refusal, and what actions had to be taken and/or what documents had to be provided by the complainant to obtain a permit. A meeting of representatives of the company and the DABI was also arranged to agree on the necessary package of documents and to start a working dialogue between the parties.
Result achieved: The DABI followed the Council’s recommendations. The complainant was granted a permit to begin construction works on the site. The company returned to the BOC with gratitude for help: “We are sincerely grateful to the Council for timely and quality work. Thanks to you, our company has received a positive result. It is very important that business in Ukraine has the opportunity to get the truth when facing malpractice of the state”. The case was successfully closed.

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