A manufacturer of household goods pays for importing fiber

A well-known national manufacturer of household goods turned to the #BOC_helpline with an issue of extending the list of critical imports. The applicant produces sponges for washing dishes and surfaces. The company was going to buy imported fiber for production. The enterprise had contracts for the supply of  multicolored fiber from Poland. The required type of fiber is not produced in Ukraine. However, the company failed to pay for the supply of the raw materials. In order to conduct the settlement transaction, the applicant’s bank requested additional justification that the fiber under the relevant code pertained to critical imports.
The BOC investigator supported the applicant’s position and confirmed in writing that according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 February 2022 №153 fiber is included in the list of critical imports. Using the materials of the BOC consultation, the company provided the bank with the necessary justification. As a result, the bank conducted a financial transaction.

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