A mineral fertilizers manufacturer finds a supplier from abroad

A mineral fertilizers manufacturer contacted the #BOC_helpline. His business chains were broken by the war and his regular suppliers had to look for new partners to supply sulfuric acid abroad. On the eve of the sowing season, there was a high risk of fertilizer production disruption without the necessary component.
Upon receipt of a request, the Council team established direct contacts with the supplier, clarified raw materials characteristics and began to promptly search for alternative producers in the EU. Polish colleagues from the SME Ombudsman Office also joined the search, so the BOC jointly with the latter, selected foreign companies that could supply the applicant company with the necessary raw materials. After agreeing on certain parameters, the most suitable partner was selected, the relevant branch of which is located in Belgium. 
The BOC team not only helped the applicant to contact a foreign supplier, but also supported the company during negotiations until the first successful delivery. With the BOC facilitation and its cooperation with the Polish SME Ombudsman, the applicant company entered into a supply contract and thus solved an important issue of mineral fertilizer production.

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