A major Ukrainian rice grower’s business operation is unblocked

Tax Termination of agreement on recognition of electronic reporting and Tax status 09 Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Pechersk State Tax Inspectorate in Kyiv (Pechersk tax office)
Complaint in brief: On July 13, 2017, a major Ukrainian rice grower turned to the BOC with a complaint against the Pechersk tax office. The company had changed its name, place of registration and all the registration documents according to the procedure written in law. In addition, the Complainant had signed a new agreement on recognition of electronic documents with the Pechersk tax office. But when the Complainant submitted its very first report, the document was rejected. According to the Pechersk tax office database, the agreement had been terminated. Because the company could no longer submit any electronic documents or tax invoices, its business operation was effectively stopped. The Complainant contacted fiscal agencies more than 10 times, but only received formal letters in response and the problem remained unresolved.
Actions taken: The BOC investigator turned to the leadership of the Complainant’s current and previous tax offices, and pointed out that there were no legal grounds for rejecting tax documents and that the agreement on recognizing electronic documents needed to go into effect immediately.
Result achieved: On August 1, the Complainant reported that its business activity was restored: the agreement and submission of tax invoices had resumed. The case was successfully closed in less than two weeks.

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