A company receives from Mineconomy a license for goods import

Permits and licenses: Export/import Kyiv

A distributor of imported spare parts for refrigeration equipment complained to the Business Ombudsman Council that it could not obtain a license from the Ministry of Economy to import goods containing controlled substances (in this case, ozone-depleting substances and/or fluorinated greenhouse gases). The company submitted an application to the Ministry of Economy through the electronic services Portal, having enclosed all the necessary documents. However, despite the positive experience of obtaining a similar license within a few weeks last year, this time the process of issuing the document was delayed for two months.
The Ministry of Economy explained that the delay was due to the CMU Decree dated February 28, 2022, No. 165 in effect which suspended the deadlines for administrative services provision.
After processing the company’s complaint, BOC sent a letter to the Ministry of Economy. The Council emphasized that despite the formal suspension of deadlines for providing administrative services, the service of issuing the license to the company must be provided within a reasonable period of time. Moreover, it was known that last year, despite the effect of the same Decree, the company received licenses within 2-4 weeks.
Immediately after BOC intervention, the Ministry of Economy informed of the license issuance that was later confirmed by the complainant.

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