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Iaroslav Gregirchak for Idealist.Media: message to potential investors
Deputy Business Ombudsman Іaroslav Gregirchak explained in a video for Idealist.Media why foreign investors should come to Ukraine. He also described trends of appeals received from companies with foreign capital and the results of their consideration by the Council.
Tetyana Korotka about the CoST initiative
Tetyana Korotka, Deputy Business Ombudsman, has been a member of CoST (Construction Sector Transparency Initiative) Supervisory Board initiative since 2016. The organization's mission is to ensure transparency and accountability of construction, which is carried out at the expense of public funds. In the video Tatiana explains the importance of infrastructure projects for the country's economy. Tatiana also noted the role of the CoST initiative in maintaining their transparency.
Business Ombudsman Council - 3 Years in Ukraine