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In this section you will find video tutorials, interviews with our team and complainants, as well as recordings of current TV and radio programs.

The Business Ombudsman Council at a glance
The Business Ombudsman Council facilitates improving the business climate in Ukraine. We help entrepreneurs to fight illegal actions of state bodies and state companies. In addition, we are working on solving systemic business issues. Watch the new video on who, how and with what questions can contact us:
Algirdas Semeta about the Business Ombudsman Council's activities
During the "Business.Dialog" program we discussed how entrepreneurs can protect themselves and their businesses from malpractices or inactivity of officials.
Iaroslav Gregirchak about the Business Ombudsman Council
Iaroslav Gregirchak explained Channel 8 main principles of the Business Ombudsman Council, the procedure for lodging and handling complaints.
Persha Shpalta about the BOC results in Q3 2018
Persha Shpalta analyzed statistics of appeals lodged by entrepreneurs to the Business Ombudsman Council in Q3 2018.
Business Ombudsman reports on the number of complaints from entrepreneurs (Channel 8)
Video story on Channel 8 about work results of the Business Ombudsman Council in Q3 2018.
Iaroslav Gregirchak about Business Development Perspectives In Ukraine
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak about recent results, methodology and features of the World Bank's Doing Business 2019 rating.
Vyacheslav Klimov about the Business Ombudsman Council
Iaroslav Gregirchak about Ukraine's investment climate
Iaroslav Gregirchak visited "Head to Head" Show at UA|TV channel. Deputy Business Ombudsman briefly described Ukraine's investment climate and Business Ombudsman Council's role and achievements in improving it. Watch the video here or at our YouTube channel:
Tetyana Korotka about Ukraine’s business climate and attracting investment
Tetyana Korotka spoke on UA | TV about the role of the Business Ombudsman's Council in improving the business climate in Ukraine. The Ombudsman's Deputy also gave examples of successful implementation of Council’s recommendations by the state bodies.
Video case "Gaztron"
A video on how we helped Gaztron, an international trader of liquefied gas and petroleum products, to refund UAH 4 mn of customs overpayments. Watch it here or on our YouTube channel: