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In this section you will find video tutorials, interviews with our team and complainants, as well as recordings of current TV and radio programs.

Mission accomplished - Algirdas Semeta about the new Business Ombudsman
In the Radio NV studio we talked about the new Business Ombudsman of Ukraine, subjects of appeals by SMEs and how to address these complaints.
Algirdas Semeta live interview on Channel 8
Algirdas Semeta visited Channel 8 studio to summarize work results of the Business Ombudsman Council for 4 years.
Tetyana Korotka live at Hromadske TV
Deputy Business Ombudsman Tatiana Korotka visited the "Right now" program to raise concerns about recent events in the country.
UAH 17 billion – financial impact of the Business Ombudsman Council
Business Conditions and Perspectives in Ukraine
Iaroslav Gregirchak's interview for UA|TV
Iaroslav Gregirchak live interview at Radio Holos Stolytsi
How to Protect Your Business (Iaroslav Gregirchak on Channel 8)
On Channel 8, Iaroslav Gregirchak told how entrepreneurs can protect their legal rights with the facilitation of the Business Ombudsman Council.
На что жалуется украинский бизнес (комментарий для UBR)
"Business Lessons" with Katerina Rybachenko
"Business Lessons" with Katerina Rybachenko, Managing Director of "Agro-Region" Holding. Her company complained three times to the Council, and in two cases we were able to help.
Business Ombudsman Live on Channel 8
How to protect business in Ukraine? Recommendations from the Business Ombudsman Algirdas Semeta