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In this section you will find video tutorials, interviews with our team and complainants, as well as recordings of current TV and radio programs.

Marcin Swiecicki invites to the GET Business Festival
How to cancel ungrounded decisions of state bodies and protect legitimate business rights? What if you were asked to bribe or were visited with unexpected searches? Business Ombudsman Marcin Swiecicki will speak on February 28, 2020 at the GET Business Festival.
Marcin Swiecicki on How Can Ukraine Improve Business Climate (UA|TV)
Marcin Swiecicki visited UA|TV studio
Problem Solving: What to expect from a new Business Ombudsman?
Exclusive interview with Marcin Swiecicki for the Persha Shpalta
Business Ombudsman in Chernihiv (New Chernihiv TV Channel)
Business Ombudsman Marcin Swiecicki visited Chernihiv and met with small and medium-sized businesses.
Memoranda of Understanding with the State Tax and Customs Services
The Business Ombudsman Council signed Memoranda of Partnership with the State Tax Service and the State Customs Service.
Mission accomplished - Algirdas Semeta about the new Business Ombudsman
In the Radio NV studio we talked about the new Business Ombudsman of Ukraine, subjects of appeals by SMEs and how to address these complaints.
"More than true: how raiders work"
Iaroslav Gregorychak comments on complaints from businesses concerning malpratice of state registrars
Reducing Pressure on Ukrainian Businesses
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak at the UA|TV studio.
Vladislav Zhabskiy on Protecting Legal Rights of Entrepreneurs
In an interview with the Public Reception, investigator Vladislav Zhabskiy told how entrepreneurs can protect their legal rights with the help of the Business Ombudsman Council
Algirdas Semeta live interview on Channel 8
Algirdas Semeta visited Channel 8 studio to summarize work results of the Business Ombudsman Council for 4 years.