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In this section you will find video tutorials, interviews with our team and complainants, as well as recordings of current TV and radio programs.

Algirdas Semeta: how the State communicates with the Business Ombudsman?
Algirdas Semeta speaks live in the program "New Morning" on the radio "Novoye Vremya"
Problems of Entrepreneurs: Recommendations of the Business Ombudsman Council
Interview of the Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak to the "First Business Channel"
Raidership and taxation: Algidas Semeta about business issues in Ukraine
Algirdas Semeta live on Radio Holos Stolytsi
On a live broadcast of Radio Holos Capital, we spoke with Nikita Mikhalov about the reform of the SFS, the abolition of the moratorium on inspections and systematic recommendations of the Council iplemented by state bodies.
Know your rights!
Tetyana Korotka interview with Channel 8
MaskShowStop: how business escapes from searches of law enforcers
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak comments for Hromadske
Problems of Ukrainian business
Channel 8 plot on recent results of the Council of the Business Ombudsman
What the Ukrainian business shall anticipate and beware of in 2019
Interview with Deputy Business Ombudsman Tetyana Korotka for Hromadske Television
Iaroslav Gregirchak on certain systemic developments of the BOC (UATV)
Iaroslav Gregirchak describes achievements of the BOC in solving certaing systemic issues of the Uktainian business
Tatiana Korotka on the obstacles for business development and attraction of investments in Ukraine
Deputy Business Ombudsman Tetyana Korotka spoke in a live broadcast of Radio HB with Lesya Antipenko on barriers to business development and investment attraction in Ukraine