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In this section you will find video tutorials, interviews with our team and complainants, as well as recordings of current TV and radio programs.

MaskShowStop: how business escapes from searches of law enforcers
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak comments for Hromadske
Problems of Ukrainian business
Channel 8 plot on recent results of the Council of the Business Ombudsman
What the Ukrainian business shall anticipate and beware of in 2019
Interview with Deputy Business Ombudsman Tetyana Korotka for Hromadske Television
Iaroslav Gregirchak on certain systemic developments of the BOC (UATV)
Iaroslav Gregirchak describes achievements of the BOC in solving certaing systemic issues of the Uktainian business
Tatiana Korotka on the obstacles for business development and attraction of investments in Ukraine
Deputy Business Ombudsman Tetyana Korotka spoke in a live broadcast of Radio HB with Lesya Antipenko on barriers to business development and investment attraction in Ukraine
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Topic of the day: how state bodies press on entrepreneurs
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak met Danylo Mokrik in the live program of the "Theme of the Day" at UA:PERSHYY. They talked about the pressure of state bodies on business and how this pressure can be resisted by addressing to the Business Ombudsman Council.
Iaroslav Gregirchak at Politclub talk show
Deputy Business Ombudsman Iaroslav Gregirchak at "Politclub" studio on spoke on how the state should promote the development of small and medium business in Ukraine.
White board animation about the Business Ombudsman Council
The Business Ombudsman Council facilitates improving the business climate in Ukraine. We help entrepreneurs to fight illegal actions of state bodies and state companies. In addition, we are working on solving systemic business issues. Watch the new video on who, how and with what questions can contact us:
Algirdas Semeta about the Business Ombudsman Council's activities
During the "Business.Dialog" program we discussed how entrepreneurs can protect themselves and their businesses from malpractices or inactivity of officials.