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The Business Ombudsman Council provides recommendations to state bodies on the basis of individual cases and in accordance with published systemic reports. Here we have collected information on the implementation status of systemic recommendations only.

Report name
Issued recommendations
Execution status

Systemic report "Business focus on labor-related issues"

To submit the Criteria’s draft for assessing a risk degree from conducting business activities to the CMU for approval.

Ministry of Social Policy


To amend Sub-clause 4 of Clause 15 of the Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Carrying Out Hazardous Works and Exploitation (Application) of Hazardous Machines, Mechanisms, Equipment, approved with the Resolution of the CMU No. 1107 dated October 26, 2011. In particular, the relevant amendments should clearly specify that violation of labor safety entails refusal to extend the validity period of that specific permit, requirements of which were breached due to a labor safety accident. Also, to provide the territorial bodies with a clarification letter ensuring correct application of the relevant regulation.

State Labor Service


To enhance an operational capacity of the Main Department of the SMS in Kyiv city (to increase a number of offices and staff members assigned to registration and consideration of incoming applications and other correspondence).

State Migration Service