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The Business Ombudsman Council provides recommendations to state bodies on the basis of individual cases and in accordance with published systemic reports. Here we have collected information on the implementation status of systemic recommendations only.

Report name
Issued recommendations
Execution status

Systemic report "Reducing the risk of corruption and attracting investment to the construction industry"

To arrange inventory of all state and consolidated registers or cadastres and ensure direct exchange of information between them through automated systems using hyperlinks. This includes the State Land Cadastre, the State Register of Immovable Property Rights and Encumbrances, USREOU, the State Register of Civil Status, Taxpayer Registers, etc.

Ministry of Justice
Other public authorities

— comments: According to Clause 10 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.509, dated 12 July 2017, the public authorities in charge of the issued recommendation prepared and approved the protocol determining the structure and format of the information files to be transferred and accepted through information interaction of information systems of the State Registry of Immovable Property Rights and the State Land Cadastre. The respective technical protocol, inter alia, is aimed at creating technical opportunities for providing the state cadastral registrars with the information about the registered real rights over immovable property by granting direct access to the State Registry of Immovable Property Rights and entering data about owners and/or users of the land plot in the data recorded with the State Land Cadastre. Informational interaction functioning was initialized starting from mid-November, 2017.