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The Business Ombudsman Council provides recommendations to state bodies on the basis of individual cases and in accordance with published systemic reports. Here we have collected information on the implementation status of systemic recommendations only.

Report name
Issued recommendations
Execution status

Systemic report "Control over controllers: status of control bodies reform implementation"

To set a clear timetable for control bodies to introduce a risk-oriented approach to the exercise of control, namely:-To develop or to align the criteria for assessing the risk of business activity and determining the frequency of scheduled inspections;-To develop or to align the standard forms of reports to be prepared following scheduled (unscheduled) control measures, which would include comprehensive checklists depending on the risk level.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


To set clear deadlines for the alignment of regulations of the control bodies with the Law of Ukraine "On Basic Principles of the State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity" and the CMU Resolution No.752 To propose amendments to legislation that would not allow the control bodies that have not implemented the risk-oriented approach to enter the information into the IAS and, accordingly, to conduct inspections;To enhance disciplinary liability for heads of control bodies for non-compliance with the law, in particular the failure to implement the risk-oriented approach;To ensure the development of checklists for each supervisory authority with issues which can be checked during scheduled inspections.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

In process