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The Business Ombudsman Council provides recommendations to state bodies on the basis of individual cases and in accordance with published systemic reports. Here we have collected information on the implementation status of systemic recommendations only.

Report name
Issued recommendations
Execution status

Systemic report "How business can seek execution of court decisions in Ukraine"

To finalize the Procedure for Cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine and bodies and persons enforcing court decisions and decisions of other bodies, approved with the Order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine No. 64/261/5 dated 30.01.2018, defining forms of interaction and specifying responsibilities of police officers during enforcement actions.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Not started - new recommendation

Systemic report "Main problems faced by business in customs sphere"

To elaborate and approve Inter-Agency Instruction on interaction of customs and law enforcement authorities. Such a document should, among other things, regulate (1) time limits for customs clearance, including liability (sanctions) for failure to observe such time limits; (2) restrictions with respect to the number of actions aimed at retrieving samples of the declarant’s goods; (3) communication between customs and law enforcement agencies in the course of such interaction.

Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
State Security Service of Ukraine
State Customs Service

In process