To draft and adopt the new edition of the Law “On Foreign Economic Activities” to reflect modern tra…

To draft and adopt the new edition of the Law “On Foreign Economic Activities” to reflect modern trade regulation trends and WTO commitments, and to cover all necessary provisions of EU acquis communautaire, in particular: To bring the law fully in line with WTO agreements and EU requirements, which should increase access to global markets: (a) simplifying formalities and procedures; (b) harmonizing applicable laws and regulations; (c) applying international agreements; and, (d) making a commitment to regulatory cooperation. To change the regulations for foreign trade, export/import licenses and protection measures in accordance with WTO rules and regulations. For instance, licenses should be required only for the import or export of goods that effect public security, the life and health of individuals, animals and plants and so on, in accordance with the definitions used by the EU. Based on stakeholder consultations, to reduce (a) the number of cross-border trade operations subject to licensing and (b) the number of commodity groups subject to restrictions or limitations as to export or import. To implement methods for export-import quota administration according to best practices and WTO recommendations: First-Come, First-Served; Auction Quota Rights; Give Away Quota Rights.

Based on the report:


Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,



— comments: The licensing of export, import of goods, which is carried out in accordance with Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Foreign Economic Activity", complies with the WTO norms, in particular, the Agreement on Import Licensing (WTO), is regulated by Articles 8, 11-14, 20-21 GATT 1994.

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