Jointly with other concerned bodies, to develop and to ensure adoption of by-laws that would grant p…

Jointly with other concerned bodies, to develop and to ensure adoption of by-laws that would grant public and private enforcers free access, in particular, but not limited, to the following state registers and databases:

• Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations

• Hereditary Register

• Unified Register of Powers of Attorney

• Information Portal of the National Police of Ukraine – “Harpoon” Information subsystem

• Register of Administrative Offenses in the Field of Road Safety

• System for automatic recording of administrative offenses in the field of road safety

• Unified State Register of Vehicles  • Unified State Demographic Register

• Registers of territorial communities

• Unified information and analytical migration processes management system

• Database “Information on Foreigners and Stateless Persons Who Have Exceeded Passport Documents Registration Term in Ukraine”

• Unified information database on internally displaced persons

• Register of warehouse documents for grain

• Unified State Register of Animals

• State statistical survey “Areas, Gross Harvests and Yields of Crops, Fruits, Berries and Grapes”

• Unified Register of Automated Accounting of Tractors, Self-Propelled Chassis, Self-Propelled Agricultural, Road-Building and Reclamation Machines, Agricultural Machinery, Other Mechanisms  • Register of Lifting Machinery (cranes and machines, elevators, escalators, cable cars, lifts, funiculars, etc.), Steam and Water Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Steam and Hot Water Pipelines, Attractions, Oil and Gas Complex Facilities, Other Objects of Oil and Gas Complex and Other Facilities.

• Unified electronic automated accounting system

• “Tax block” information system

• “Inspector” customs clearance automated system

• Register of Permits

• State registers of patents of Ukraine for inventions, utility models and industrial designs

• State Register of Certificates of Copyright Registration for a Work

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