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Invitation to a series of workshops with the BOC investigators on protection of business rights


The Business Ombudsman Council in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine invites you to attend a series of interactive workshops with the participation of BOC investigators.

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June 20, 10-00: “Searches and Law Enforcers: How Can the Business Ombudsman Council Help Your Business?” 

•    Instruments the Business Ombudsman Council uses when dealing with law enforcers
•    Requirements the complainant should keep in mind so that its inquiry is reviewed most efficiently
•    Statistics, systemic issues and achievements in dealing with law enforcers over the past 4 years
•    Non-enforcement of court decisions by law enforcers: what should you do?
•    Policy management of register and storage of assets seized after searches: how can the BOC help you?

Speakers: Oleksiy Spivak and Andriy Bodnarchuk, BOC investigators.

July 3, 10-00: “How to Act During Tax Inspections and Challenge Their Results with the Business Ombudsman’s Help?

•    Cases when business can be inspected
•    Important things to know about inspections, incl. schedule plans and changes to them
•    Issues that often pop up, corruption cases in the course of inspection
•    How to challenge inspection results
•    How can the Business Ombudsman Council assist in appealing the inspection results

Speakers: Volodymyr Kutsenko and Volodymyr Zabudskiy, BOC investigators

July 10, 10-00:”Compliance Lifehacks: How to Manage Reputational Risks of Your Business”

•    Why does your reputation matter? How does contractors’ reputation affect your business ? 
•    Compliance lessons illustrated by Council cases
•    Red flags that could indicate non-compliance
•    How to manage compliance risks

Speakers: Tetiana Kheruvimova BOC investigator, Gaiane Karakashian, Head of UNIC Secretariat, Oleg Lagodiyenko, Co-founder of Ethicontrol
Duration: 1,5 hours

Venue: American Chamber of Commerce office (Kyiv, 12, Amosova Str., 15th floor).

Participation is free of charge for registered guests.

Events will be held within the framework of the BOC “ЗміNEW” information campaign.