Putin’s moves against Ukraine ‘not rational,’ says Canada’s former ambassador (CTV News)

Canada’s former ambassador to Ukraine says that country should prepare for a “full spectrum” of aggression from Russia and President Vladimir Putin amid growing fears of an all-out invasion.
Roman Waschuk told CTV National News Chief International Correspondent Paul Workman in an interview in Lviv, Ukraine, that the closure of Russia’s embassy and consulates in Kyiv “means they’re freeing their hands for the full range of possible hostile activities” against the neighbouring nation.
The former ambassador said the weakening of the Russian state in the global arena is likely part of Putin’s motivation to renegotiate its relationship with NATO and reposition Russia on the world stage, but called Putin’s moves against Ukraine “not rational.”
“We’ve got a guy who’s stuck in about 1913,” Waschuk said of Putin.
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