“Security of Business Integrity during Recovery as a Priority for a Sustainable European State.” – Roman Waschuk participates in UNIC Annual General Meeting

On May 31, the Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC) held its Annual General Meeting on the topic “Security of Business Integrity during Recovery as a Priority for a Sustainable European State.”

The event brought together around 100 representatives from businesses, the state, and international partners to discuss effective mechanisms that contribute to European integration and enhance the security of Ukrainian businesses.

The event began with a discussion about the new document by the Business Ombudsman Council, “Declaration on Fair and Reasonable Administration,” which implies an agreement between the state and business in order to establish effective and independent cooperation. This panel was moderated by Tetiana KOROTKA, the Deputy Business Ombudsman of Ukraine and Member of the UNIC Executive Committee. The discussion focused on a critical review of existing law enforcement approaches that can help build a future social contract between the state and business.

During the event, Gregor Virant, Head of the SIGMA OECD program, once again confirmed that the “Declaration on Fair and Reasonable Administration,” developed by the Business Ombudsman Council, meets the best standards and norms of the OECD in the field of good governance.

Speaking to the audience, the Business Ombudsman Roman Waschuk emphasized: “The Declaration is based on the concept of the presumption of good will, which I have repeatedly mentioned after presenting the results of our new own-initiative investigation into tax audits. Reasonableness, proportionality, impartiality, transparency, legal certainty, legitimate expectations, and effective administrative appeal are principles that the state must not only seriously consider today but also make efforts to literally break the outdated approaches of ‘unfounded punishment’ of every entrepreneur without giving them a chance to correct mistakes.”

Continuing the conversation, the event participants discussed issues and necessary legislative changes that will stimulate the integrity of both the private and public sectors, promote a culture of zero tolerance for corruption, and enhance the security of businesses interested in recovery and reconstruction processes.

During the meeting, Antonina Prudko, Head of the UNIC Secretariat, presented the Network’s Activity Report for 2023 and the Work Plan for 2024.

The Business Ombudsman Council thanks its partners, particularly UNIC, for their continuous work in promoting integrity culture in Ukraine and involving stakeholders, united by common values, in the discussion necessary for the implementation of compliance practices, improving the business climate, and the inevitable rebuilding of Ukraine.

The event was held with the support of UNDP Ukraine and funded by the Government of Japan.

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