Results of the First Week of BOC Operations

So far, only two complaints have been deemed non-eligible. 30% of complaints have been submitted via the online complaint form on BOC website, the rest – through electronic or postal address. The complainants are both large businesses and private entrepreneurs.
Complaints are mainly filed against:
Prevalent subject of complaints:
On Wednesday, 27 March, Algirdas Semeta, Business Ombudsman, met business journalists to share the results of the first week of BOC operations. We will hold such meetings regularly.

See some of the articles resulting from the round table (in Russian/ Ukrainian):

  • State Fiscal Service of Ukraine;
  • Department of Land Resources;
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
  • Regarding consequences of the requirement to disclose final beneficiaries of all legal entities in Ukraine (“form 4”);
  • Regarding alleged abuse of power by tax and the customs service; 
  • Regardless refuse to issue permitting documentation. 
  • Захисник підприємців (ЛігаБізнесІнформ)
  • Бізнес-омбудсмен: “Потрібно, щоб держава слугувала суспільству, а не завідувала ним” (інтернет-журнал “Платформа”)
  • Бізнес-омбудсмен отримав 50 скарг на державні органи (портал ДЕЛО)
  • Next news: Business Ombudsman met entrepreneurs of Chernigiv region