ANNOUNCEMENT: On October 30, 2015 BOC Presents Its Quarterly Report (III Quarter of Operations)

Mr. Semeta will present the results of the Council’s work – number of complaints received and complaint trends, geographical distribution of complaints, government agencies subject to most complaints, significant cases and results as well as cooperation with stakeholders (government agencies, working visits, etc.).

Deputy Business Ombudsmen Tetyana Korotka and Iaroslav Gregirchak will present systemic recommendations of the Council titled “Problems with administering business taxes in Ukraine” and “Problems with Cross-Border Trading in Ukraine”.

Duration of the event is 90 minutes.

Venue: Business Ombudsman Office (Podil Plaza BC,19, G. Skovorody street, 9th floor)

Accreditation of journalists: +38 044 237 74 01 (tel.), olga.pikulska@boi.org.ua (email)

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