Position of the Business Ombudsman Council on the draft law “On the Bureau of Economic Security”

The Business Ombudsman Council supports the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (BES) as a new law enforcement body whose work would be guided by analysis in line with the EU best practices.
However, the current version of the Draft Law “On the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine” № 3087-d of 02.07.2020 adopted in the first reading needs further elaboration. In particular, it is necessary:
▪️ Clearly and transparently provide for the liquidation of the tax police and other economic units of law enforcement agencies, to ensure effective public control over the BES;
▪️ Foresee a transparent and clear procedure for the selection and appointment of the administration and employees of BES;
▪️  Emphasize on the analytical component in the investigation of economic crimes and the demilitarization of the new body;
▪️ Make amendments to the Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine as foreseen by the systemic recommendations of the BOC
With such proposals, the BOC addressed the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the chairmen of the relevant committees. We expect our recommendations will be taken into account before the second reading.

Next news: The Draft Law №3607 does not contradict the international legal obligations in the field of European integration — Committee on Ukraine’s integration in the EU