On October 22 the webinar “When court decisions are not implemented — practical view” jointly with Marchenko Partners will take place

Given the relatively large number of complaints received by the Business Ombudsman Council on non-enforcement of court decisions (around 500 complaints in 5 years of the BOC operation), this issue remains a priority for the Council. Thus, according to the official statistics of the Prosecutor General’s Office, in 2019, 4,212 criminal proceedings were recorded concerning non-enforcement of court decisions, while only 86 cases went to court with an indictment.
On October 22, the investigator of the Business Ombudsman Сouncil Volodymyr Kutsenko and the Partner of the Marchenko Partners Oleh Marchenko will share their experience and practical views on this issue, in particular from the point of view of Ukraine’s international responsibility.
During the webinar Volodymyr Kutsenko will speak about:
For his part Oleh Marchenko will touch upon the following issues:
Please register for the webinar: https://bit.ly/3dtdFLl

  • How to help businesses to enforce a court decision. Expertise of the Business Ombudsman Council
  •  Common malpractice concerning non-enforcement of court decisions by state bodies
  •  Failure to enforce court decisions by tax and law enforcement agencies. Practical cases
  • The issue of implementation of international arbitrations’ decisions. Practical cases
  • What can be changed at the legislative level and other systemic recommendations of the Council
  • Responsibility of Ukraine concerning non-enforcement of decisions of national courts and international arbitrations
  • Why court decisions are not enforced in Ukraine
  • Use by investors of the international tools in case of non-enforcement of decisions of national courts and international arbitrations
  • International dispute resolution practice overview (ECHR, ICSID etc.) in case of denial of justice

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