National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and Business Ombudsman Council signed Memorandum of Cooperation

On 27 January, 2016, Artem Sytnyk, Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, and Algirdas Šemeta, Business Ombudsman, signed a Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation.
“We signed the Memorandum to join efforts in tackling corruption and preventing business malpractice in Ukraine. I am convinced that overcoming corruption will lead to better business climate, economic growth and further reforms. Agreement with the BOC will let us rapidly receive information from businesses about possible corruption instances within NABU competency”, says Artem Sytnyk, NABU Director.
The bodies plan to cooperate in identifying and eliminating the reasons causing criminal offences, providing recommendations to state and municipal authorities to improve anti-corruption legislation, as well as organizing public events on relevant issues.
NABU and BOC also agreed to set up an expert group at the management level of both organizations. The group is going to review complaints received by Business Ombudsman Office against actions of governmental agencies and state-controlled companies to eliminate malpractice and to hold guilty liable. Additionally, the parties will join efforts in publicizing instances of corruption by public and municipal authorities.
“NABU and Business Ombudsman Council are united by the common mission – to contribute to creating the corruption-free society.  I am happy that from now on, we have officially declared our intention to prevent corruption in the government and simplify conditions for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to do business”, said Algirdas Šemeta, Business Ombudsman.
Memorandum with NABU is already the fourth similar document on cooperation the BOC signs with public authorities. Last year BOC signed Memoranda with the State Fiscal Service, Ministry of Justice and State Regulatory Service of Ukraine. Results of cooperation with the above governmental agencies will be described in the report for fourth quarter of 2015 that the BOC is going to publish in February. 

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