Ministry of Justice and BOC sign Memorandum of Cooperation

The signing this Memorandum means that each complaint from business will be reviewed by an independent panel. If evidence is provided of illegal actions on the part of a Ministry official, that individual will be dismissed immediately. As a liaison between the government and business, the Business Ombudsman will also provide us with recommendations on how to improve services to make life easier for business owners,” says Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko.

The two sides plan to cooperate in providing recommendations to departments that are part of the Ministry, as well as to public and municipal authorities with the aim of simplifying conditions for doing business and preventing corruption. They will cooperate in preparing proposals for improving legislation on the enforcement of court decisions, the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the state registration of rights to movable and immovable property, bankruptcy, the use of electronic signatures, and other issues that fall within the purview of the Ministry. In addition, the two sides will work towards identifying and eliminating provisions in legislation that restrict business activity, and monitoring violations of business interests by government officials.

Working together with public agencies is a necessary condition to achieve the Council’s objectives. Our cooperation with the Ministry of Justice is aimed at ensuring transparency at public agencies and eliminating corruption. We will review specific complaints about the Ministry and insist that decisions be carried out. Whether it is the registration of an investment or property registration, we will analyze all these issues with the expert group under the Ministry. This is the second Memorandum of Cooperation signed with a government agency. We plan to formalize our intention to cooperate with other key state agencies about which we receive complaints,” says Business Ombudsman Algirdas Šemeta.


Text of the Momoramdum can be reviewed here

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