Business Ombudsmen of Ukraine and Poland signs a Memorandum of Partnership

The signing of the Memorandum formalises and strengthens cooperation between the Business Ombudsman Council of Ukraine (BOC) and the Polish SME Ombudsman (BRMSP). Roman Waschuk and Adam Abramowicz, agreed to jointly help entrepreneurs operating in Ukraine and Poland, exchange information on the state of business and cooperate on other issues within the competence of BOC and BRMSP.
“Before war, cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs flourished. We carried out intensive activities, thanks to which Poland became Ukraine’s second trading partner. Poland is now our number one economic partner, and the Polish border is also the EU’s border. Understanding this, we will be able to more easily operate and support our entrepreneurs,” said Roman Waschuk, the Business Ombudsman of Ukraine.
“Ukraine’s Business Ombudsman needs support, so I decided to help. It is our duty to support our partners so that cooperation does not fade, trade continues and companies work steadily. Because the war continues on Ukraine’s part, and in the territories that are not under war, there is always the possibility of normal work,” said Adam Abramovicz, Polish SME Ombudsman.
Partnership between institutions includes implementation of the following tasks:
• reduction of threat to entrepreneurs due to the conflict in Ukraine
• deepening economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland
• ensuring the rights of entrepreneurs and protecting private property, supporting economic freedom and the free market
• initiatives aimed at economic development and repair of damage
• initiatives in the field of legislation and scientific cooperation on economic issues
• promotion of freedom of economic activity, impartiality, principles of implementation or termination of economic activity in Poland and Ukraine, sustainable development and the principle of economic competition
The text of the memorandum is available here.

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