Business Ombudsman Office Received Over 100 Complaints

Business Ombudsman Office is in position to highlight a number of systematic issues arising from the complaints received:
Business Ombudsman Office started to investigate these problem areas. The investigation shall result in recommendations aimed at improving the business climate in Ukraine. We will provide more detailed information in our quarterly report to be published in July.

  • Overregulation of export/import operations
  • Non-refund of VAT, problematic issues related to the so called “state 9”(meaning that actual and legal addresses of companies do not coincide)
  • Nonpayment of compensation to enterprises by the state, whose employees have been mobilized to ATO
  • Systemic failure of state bodies’ and municipal bodies’ officials to comply with the court decisions made in favour of business
  • Conflicting decisions of municipal bodies affecting the rights of entrepreneurs 
  • Unjustified initiation of criminal cases, which cannot be appealed in the court, and usage of these cases to put pressure on business.
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