BOC and National Police of Ukraine sign cooperation memorandum

The National Police of Ukraine is the latest government agency to sign a Memorandum of Partnership and Cooperation with the Business Ombudsman Council.
The Memorandum calls for an expert group to be established to review complaints from business about the actions of the National Police and its local subdivisions. The group will include representatives of the National Police and, on the BOC side, the deputy Business Ombudsman and two BOC inspectors. The two sides also agreed to form a working group for the purpose of drawing up recommendations to improve legislation in those areas where the National Police is responsible for carrying out state policy.
Business Ombudsman Algirdas Semeta thanked National Police Chief Khatia Dekanoidze for her fruitful efforts in drafting the Memorandum. The Ombudsman expects this Memorandum to be a reliable support in resolving problems for Ukrainian businesses.
“Our experience has shown that the number of recommendations that are implemented by an agency rises considerably once such a memorandum has been signed,” says Business Ombudsman Algirdas Semeta. “I’m confident that the Memorandum that the Council signed today will make it possible for us to more quickly and more effectively collaborate to resolve disputes and difficult situations in relations between business and the National Police.”
“For Ukraine’s economy to flourish, there needs to be far more investment and for business—small, medium and large—to feel freer,” says Police Chief Khatia Dekanoidze. “And most importantly, the same rules have to apply to everybody.” She added that the police would do everything they could to foster business development.
Previously, the Business Ombudsman Council signed MoCs with the State Fiscal Service, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the State Regulatory Service, the Ministry of Justice, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, and the Kyiv Municipal State Administration.
Memorandum on Partnership and Cooperation

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