Amendments to Rules of Procedure

Digitization and simplification of bureaucratic processes were reflected in the text of the updated Rules of Procudure of the Business Ombudsman Council. This document defines a procedure for considering individual complaints from businesses.
We are committed to simplify making complaints to BOC and provide flexible and accessible service to our complainants.
Please note that according to the updated Rules of Procedure:
▪️ BOC considers business complaints submitted only online through the form on the website.
There is no need to spend time and money to send us a complaint or supporting documents by regular mail.
▪️ The complainant will receive a message to the contact e-mail immediately upon the complaint’s registration.
▪️ After the complaint review is completed, an email will be sent to a complainant with a brief explanation. If a text version of the Council’s decision is required, the responsible investigator should be notified.
▪️ BOC contact number has been updated: +380 99 237 37 37. Along with the mobile line, a Telegram chat for communicating with complainants (@Business_Ombudsman_Council) has been created where complainants can ask questions about the procedure of filing and considering complaints, and find out the current complaint status, leave a request to the responsible investigator, etc.
We would like to remind you that the standard term for a complaint review remains unchanged: 10 working days for a preliminary assessment and 3 months for an  investigation duration. However, each case is very individual, and there are no single recipes for success. Therefore, the Business Ombudsman often has an objective need to extend these terms.
Read the full text of the Rules of Procedure.

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