Zakarpattia Customs releases equipment of “Promlyt” factory

Customs issues: Valuation Zakarpats'ka region

Subject of complaint: Zakarpattia Customs of the SFS (Zakarpattia Customs)
Complaint in brief: On November 8, 2017, a factory “Promlyt”, importing used equipment from the European Union, turned to the BOC to challenge the actions of Zakarpattia Customs. The Complainant’s cargo had been detained at Customs without explanation.
In early October, five «Promlyt» cars with imported goods came one after another to the Zakarpattia Customs checkpoint. However, on one of the imported spare parts, the year of manufacture did not match the date in the documents, which became the reason for detaining one of the cars.
However, the company only found out the reason after a call to the SFS hotline. In the meantime, customs officers held back for additional checks, not only the cargo that they had questions about, but also all other cars belonging to the importer — without offering the Complainant any reason for delaying other cars. 
Actions taken: The BOC investigator contacted Zakarpattia Customs about the delays in the customs clearance of the Complainant’s cargo. The investigator agreed that inconsistencies in the components of the imported equipment arose indeed. However, since there were no significant violations of customs rules in the Complainant’s case, the inconsistencies could be eliminated on the spot by correcting the accompanying documents.
At the end of the day during which the BOC investigator spoke to Zakarpattia Customs, three of the importer’s cars were released; the next day, the remaining two were. The case was closed successfully.

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