The NSDC dropped erroneously imposed sanctions on IT-company 

Other state regulators StateGeoCadastre Kyiv

Subject of complaint: The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) 
Complaint in brief: On 5 June, 2018 an IT company approached the Council. The NSDC mistakenly put the company on the sanction list. 
In early May, the National Security authority imposed  special economic sanctions on the company for three years. However, instead of specifying the violator’s unique state registration number (EDRPOU code) the Complainant’s code was provided. Accordingly, his bank accounts had been blocked. For the company, it meant interruption of current economic activity, paying salaries to employees and settlements with counterparties. In turn, the company continued normal operations and financial transactions, particularly those that the National Security and Defense Council planned to block. 
It should be pointed out that neither the names, nor the addresses nor the spheres of activity of the two mentioned companies did not match. Even EDRPOU codes were completely different. Nobody knows how this error could occur.  
The Complainant reported on the incident to the State Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) and simultaneously appealed to the Council.
Actions taken: In accordance with the law, sanctions can be dropped only by an authority that imposed them. Therefore, the SSU redirected the company’s request to the NSDC. The Council’s investigator, in his turn, asked the NSDC in writing to drop sanctions against the Complainant based on SSU request. 
Result achieved: On July 5, sanctions against the IT company were lifted. The case was closed. 

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