The City Council breaches the law on economic competition

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Other actions Volynska region

Subject of Complaint: Novovolynsk City Council
Complaint in Brief: The Complainant, a civil organization, addressed the BOC with a complaint about malpractice on the part of the City Council. The Council failed to execute the Decision of the Administrative Collegium of the Volyn Territorial Department of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine dated December 30, 2014. According to the Decision, the Council was obliged to bring the “Order of the Lease of the Commune Property by the Territorial Community” in line with the norms of the law of Ukraine “On the Lease of State and Commune Property” dated April 10, 1992. Thus, the Council should have reconsidered the approach to calculating the lease payment methodology but failed to do so thus breaching the law on economic competition.
Actions taken: The BOC addressed the Volyn State Administration and Novovolynsk City Council with a call for explanation and received the acknowledgement that the law on economic competition had actually been breached. The BOC issued a number of recommendations to renew all land lease agreements and drew attention of the Complainee to the fact that it should strictly abide by the law on fair economic competition.
Result achieved: In less than a three month’s term since launching investigation, all BOC’s recommendations were implemented.

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