State Security Service approves issuance of passes to employees of the enterprise

State Security Service inactivity Kyiv

Complainee: The State Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), SSU Central Department in Kyiv Oblast
Complaint in brief: The Council received a complaint submitted by a private enterprise from Odesa. The enterprise won the tender for cleaning Boryspil international airport inner premises. However, the company’s employees could not obtain permanent passes to the airport premises. Moreover, due to alleged non-fulfillment of the contract terms, the SSU investigators searched the company’s office. The inaction of law enforcers in approving issuance of passes made the company turn to the BOC for help.
Actions taken: The investigator examined the case file and found the complaint substantiated. The Council recommended that the SSU consider the company’s request and agree on issuance of permanent passes to the airport’s inner premises. The BOC reminded that, according to the law, appeals must be resolved within no more than a month from the date of receipt. If it is impossible to resolve the issue, the head of the respective body must set the necessary deadline for its resolution. 
Result achieved: The SSU approved issuance of permanent passes to the company’s employees. The case was closed.

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