Results of a tender for mobile number portability are overturned

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Subject of Complaint: The Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies, a state enterprise
Complaint in Brief: The Complainant, SI Center LLC, addressed the BOC on February 9 to challenge a number of omissions that took place during a tender to implement portability of cellular numbers. The Complainant reported that its bid was almost half the price of the winning bid, yet the company’s bid was rejected. Prior to addressing the BOC, the Complainant lodged an appeal challenging the outcome of the tender with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC).
Actions taken: The BOC looked over the evidence and came to conclusion that the Complainant’s proposal was possibly discarded improperly. Given that the AMC was the primary body whom the Complainant addressed with the problem, the BOC recommended that the AMC hold an impartial, comprehensive hearing of the complaint.
The AMC heard the complaint in two sessions during March. The BOC attended both of those hearings and reports that they were conducted in compliance with the Council’s recommendations.
Result achieved: On March 18, 2016, the AMC revoked the results of the tender to introduce mobile number portability in Ukraine and the case was closed.

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