Quarantine not a reason to reject registration of enterprise in Ukraine for Polish investor

Tax issues: Other issues Kyiv

Complainee: Main Department of State Tax Service n Kyiv City (MD STS)
Complaint in brief: The Council received a complaint from a Polish investor who faced a problem of being registered as a taxpayer. The entrepreneur had to obtain a tax ID to register a company in Ukraine. However, the tax office replied that registration was not provided during quarantine apart from the cases when there is a threat to life or health. That meant that the service wass provided, but on a selective principle, which created corruption factors with respect to the state body operations and did not contribute to attracting foreign investment at all. Then the entrepreneur appealed to the Council for help.
Actions taken: Having examined the case file, the investigator acknowledged the complaint was substantiated. After the Polish investor repeatedly appealed to the MD STS and submitted all the necessary documents, the MD STS easily registered the Polish investor in Ukraine.
Results achieved: As long as the complainant received a registration card number in the Register of Individuals-Taxpayers, the Council closed the case.

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