PAKINVEST GRUP gets back the overpaid customs clearance fees

Kyiv region

Subject of complaint: Kyiv Municipal Customs
Complaint in brief: On July 8, 2016, the Complainant, private company Pakinvest Group, which acts as a broker for a wide variety of goods, lodged a complaint with the BOC regarding return of the overpaid customs clearance fees worth UAH 224,000. Prior to that the Complainant had successfully challenged decision on adjustment of customs value of  goods by Kyiv Municipal Customs in the courts of all levels of authority. However, the court rulings were not being honored by Kyiv Municipal Customs. 
Action taken: The BOC addressed the Head of Kyiv Municipal Customs with a recommendation to consider request of the Complainant about return of overpaid customs fees and to take all neseccary measures to execute the court’s decision. After issuing recommendations, the Council discussed the matter with responsible officials of Kyiv Municipal Customs.
Result achieved: Shortly after, Kyiv Municipal Customs informed the BOC that conclusions regarding return of the overpaid customs fees resulted from an adjustment  of the  customs value of goods had been handed over to the corresponding department of State Treasury.
On October 6, the BOC was informed by the Complainant that all the overpaid customs fees had been returned. The case was successfully closed.

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