One letter from the BOC — law enforcers return the company’s property

National Police procedural abuse Volynska region

Complainee: The Main Department of the National Police in Volyn Oblast (Volyn National Police)
Complaint in brief: The Business Ombudsman Council received a complaint from a Volyn-based sawmill company. The company complained that law enforcers did not return 838 pine trunks seized during the search. The district court refused to satisfy the senior investigator’s motion to seize the company’s property. The legality of the ruling was confirmed by the appeal court. However, law enforcers did not return the property, despite the complainant’s numerous appeals to Volyn National Police. The company risked losing its property, as long-term storage of needle-leaved tree trunks in the warehouse could cause their damage. The company asked the Council to investigate the case immediately.
Actions taken: After examining the case file, the investigator found the complaint substantiated. The Council concluded that these circumstances indicated possible violations of the sawmill company’s legitimate interests. The BOC recommended that Volyn National Police return the temporarily seized property to the complainant, as required by law. In her letter, the investigator stressed that non-enforcement of the court decision, which had entered into force, violated the principle of the rule of law.
Result achieved: After the Council’s involvement the MD NP returned the temporarily seized property to the sawmill company. The case was successfully closed.

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