Mariupol City Council approved advertisement plate installation

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Trade rules and permits Donets'k region

Complainee: Mariupol City Council 
Complaint in brief: A law firm from Mariupol approached the Council. The company reported failure of the Mariupol City Council to approve advertisement plate installation above the complainant’s office. The company submitted an application with documents through the Center of Administrative Services of the city council, however the Main Department of Architecture and Construction of Mariupol City Council refused to approve a passport for advertisement plate installation. The law firm corrected mistakes pointed out by the local authorities and submitted a new package of documents to the city council. The company expected to receive a permit for advertisement plate installation within 12 working days as it is foreseen by the law. Nevertheless, the city council did not allow to install an advertisement plate by indicating in the reply that “Discrepancies between given sketch drawings of the advertisement plate and its actual installation were detected”. Given the fact that the company still had not installed the advertisement plate, they fully disagreed with the position of the local government authorities. Due to possible violation of legal entrepreneurial interests of the law firm, the Business Ombudsman Council commended its own investigation.
Actions taken: The investigator examined the case file and acknowledged the complaint was substantiated. The Council recommended Mariupol City Council to ensure impartial consideration of the complainant’s documents filed in order to receive a plate installation permit. In particular, the Council supported the position of the law firm and recognised the local authorities’ refusal unmotivated. The investigator underlined that the supposed discrepancies between the advertisement plate’s size and its installation were incorrect. The Council detected malpractice from the side of the city council contradicting a good governance principle. In communication with Mariupol City Council, reasons for its refusal were found out. In the city council’s opinion, an advertisement plate could cover the windows of the first floor as the law firm office was located in the basement. The complainant sent to Mariupol City Council additional explanations regarding the plan of the advertisement plate installation and reassured that it would not create any inconveniences for neighbours.
Result achieved: Having additionally considered the documents, Mariupol City Council agreed to issue a passport for advertisement plate installation at the object. The case was successfully closed.

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