Kyivavtodor allows 11 t per axle to be transported on Kyiv’s ring road

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Subject of Complaint: Kyivavtodor Municipal Road Corporation (Kyivavtodor)
Complaint in brief: On December 27, 2016, a company transporting oversized farm equipment turned to the BOC with a complaint against Kyivavtodor. When granting permits for the transport of oversized cargo by Route T-10-27, which is part of the Kyiv ring road, Kyivavtodor set more restrictive limits than standard regarding the axle load of the carrier—10 t per axle instead of 11 t. This is why the Complainant could exploit this road.
To transport its oversized farm equipment, the Complainant uses special combine trailers with independent axles that, according to European road transport standards, cause the least damage to road surfaces. Despite the fact that the full weight of the trailer can be up to 40 t, the weight distribution means that the load on a driving axle is no more than 11 t. According to current Ukrainian law and international standards, the load on a trailer axle can be up to 11 t.
In December 2016, the Complainant received an order to transport a large batch of new farm machinery: 580 combines, 750 tractors and 310 items of other large-sized equipment. According to the Complainant it is technically impossible to carry some items from the order with 10 t axle load.
However, Kyivavtodor when granting route use permits insisted that maximum allowable axle load on the Kyiv ring road was 10 t. Such a position of Kyivavtodor jeopardized goods delivery.
Actions taken: In spring 2017, the BOC investigator turned to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukravtodor, the national roadways agency, and Kyivavtodor with a request to clarify the maximum allowable load on the axles of vehicles moving along T-10-27. Ukravtodor answered, that this route was divided into several sections that were controlled by Ukravtodor and Kyivavtodor. The section controlled by Ukravtodor did allow a maximum load of 11 t per axle under normal weather conditions. As to the section controlled by Kyivavtodor, the BOC was not able to obtain full information through official correspondence.
At the request of the Council’s investigator, the Infrastructure Ministry held a working meeting on November 7 with officials from Kyivavtodor, Ukravtodor and the State Transport Security Service. At this meeting, Kyivavtodor confirmed that, at present, those sections of T-10-27 that were under their authority were also adapted for large vehicles with an axle load of up to 11 t under normal weather conditions. Ukravtodor also confirmed that oversized transport was permissible on the sections of the route under its control.
Result achieved: Thus, due to the BOCinvestigator facilitation the Complainant received permission to transport vehicles with an axle load up to 11.00 t along T-10-27. The carrier is now able to supply farm equipment to Ukrainian enterprises. 

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