Kyiv Customs refunds excess customs duties to pharmaceutical firm

Customs overpaid customs duties refund Kyiv

Subject of complaint: Kyiv Customs of SFS (Kyiv Customs)
Complaint in brief: On July 11, the BOC received a complaint against Kyiv Customs actions from a major international pharmaceutical company. Kyiv Customs had delayed a refund of UAH 242,000 of excess customs duties paid by the Claimant in the second half of 2016.
The Complainant tried to get the overpayment refunded through the court, and the Administrative Court ruled in the company’s favor. Still, Kyiv Customs refused to issue the refund, claiming that the case had not been heard by the Court of Appeal and Cassation.
Actions taken: On August 8, the BOC investigator sent a written inquiry to the Head of Kyiv Customs, asking that the court ruling be enforced and the overpayment refunded to the Complainant. The investigator also raised the importer’s case  in the course of the Expert’s group meeting at the SFS. 
Result achieved: On August 21, the Complainant received a refund of the excess duties in full. The case was closed successfully in less than two month period. 

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