Kyiv City State Administration transfers land plot for lease to a company

Back in 2018, the complainant purchased a ready-made car service building for doing business. At the same time, the mentioned building was located on Kyiv city municipal property land. Therefore, the company had to re-register the land plot lease. However, it faced bureaucratic red tape: the draft decision on the land lease transfer to the company was prepared back in 2019 but never approved.
After processing the company’s complaint, the Council turned to the Permanent Commission of Kyiv City Council on Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations (Commission) and asked to impartially and promptly consider the draft decision on land lease transfer to the company. After that BOC also brought up the complaint for consideration of the Expert group with Kyiv City State Administration (KMDA). Some time after the meeting, KMDA decided to transfer the land plot for lease to the complainant.

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