Investigators return property to security company

National Police corruption allegations Kyiv

Complainee: Investigation Department of Financial investigations of MD SFS in Kyiv (IDFI)
Complaint in brief: The Business Ombudsman Council received a complaint from a security company. The IDFI launched criminal proceedings against the company. According to investigators, in particular, the company evaded VAT in the amount of UAH 28.5 mn. Thus, within criminal proceedings, law enforcers searched the company’s office and seized documents and laptops. Subsequently, the court refused to arrest temporarily seized property. Despite the court’s decision, law enforcers did not return temporarily seized items to the owner. The security company turned to the BOC for assistance. 
Actions taken: The Council found the complaint substantiated. The investigator immediately started investigating the company’s case. The BOC recommended that Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office to return temporarily seized property in accordance with the court ruling.
Result achieved: Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office followed the Council’s recommendations. The IDFI returned temporarily seized property to the complainant. The case was closed.

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