Investigators return property to a pets food producer

A pet foods producer complained to the Business Ombudsman Council that law enforcement officers did not return seized property.
It is known that investigators conducted a search on the office center territory where the applicant rented premises. The reason for such actions was the investigation of the case on the illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives allegedly illegally stored in the office center. Despite the fact that the applicant company had nothing to do with the criminal proceedings, law enforcement officers seized its property and did not return it. The company tried to challenge the investigators’ actions, but to no avail. Until recently, the company did not know whether an order on its property arrest ever existed.
The Council conducted its own investigation into the case and brought up the company’s complaint for the Expert Group consideration between the BOC and the Prosecutor General’s Office. Thanks to the Council’s mediation, the PGO agreed to return the seized property to the enterprise, which was eventually confirmed by the applicant.

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