Grain grower overcomes inaction of county state administration

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Other actions Zhytomyr region

Subject of complaint:  Radomyshl County State Administration (Radomyshl CSA)
Complaint in brief: The Complainant, a grain grower registered in Zhytomyr Oblast, turned to the BOC with a complaint against the failure of the Radomyshl CSA to set up a special Commission to establish and compensate damage to landowners and users caused by the illegal occupation of the Complainant’s territory by another enterprise. Starting in December 2015, the Complainant repeatedly submitted applications demanding that the Radomyshl CSA form a Commission and convene to consider compensation of those damages. Although the members of Commission were established, it did not convene to consider the Complainant’s case. The Commission explained its delay as due to the need for the State Regulatory Service to confirm and approve a draft Regulation on determining and compensating damages. 
Action taken: With the BOC’s assistance, it was established that there was no need to approve such type of documents with the State Regulatory Service and that there was in fact no reason for the Commission not to convene.
Upon investigation, the BOC recommended that the Radomyshl CSA Commission consider the Complainant’s application and formalize its ruling.
Result achieved: The Radomyshl CSA followed the BOC’s recommendation. The Commission met and the case was closed.

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