Entrepreneur from Mykolaiv Oblast finally gets his land management project approved

Actions of local councils/municipalities: Allocating land plots Mykolayiv region

Complainee: Mykolaiv Regional State Administration (Mykolaiv RSA) 
Complaint in brief: A company from Mykolaiv Oblast which unsuccessfully tried to approve the land management project with Mykolaiv RSA for three years turned to the Council.
The Complainant three times asked Mykolaiv RSA to allow to prepare the land management project concerning the land plot allocation from state property to private lease. The Complainant’s buildings and warehouses had to be located there. According to the company, officials delayed signing the necessary project for three years in a row. 
The entrepreneur even addressed the President of Ukraine with this issue. Having visited Mykolaiv, the President reprimanded the head of Mykolaiv RSA, and a dispute arose between them in this regard.
Actions taken: The Council asked the President in writing to check the circumstances of the complaint. The investigator also emphasized the importance of applying the good governance principle when considering the company’s petitions. Accordingly, the Council asked to check how the head of the RSA adhered to the law and followed that principle. 
The Council recommended Mykolaiv RSA to promptly consider the company’s appeal. 
Result achieved: With the assistance of the Council, the company finally got the land management project approved. The case was closed. 

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