DABI grants building permit to TOV Morgan Furniture

Other state regulators DABI Rivne region

Subject of complaint: State Architectural and Construction Inspection (DABI)
Complaint in brief: On April 21, 2017, a furniture manufacturer TOV Morgan Furniture, located in Rivne Oblast, addressed the BOC about DABI’s refusal to grant a building permit to the Complainant to begin construction on the company’s facilities. The DABI office claimed that the Complainant had submitted an incomplete package of documents, yet it did not specify which documents were missing.
Action taken: After thorough investigation of the case, the Deputy Business Ombudsman and BOC investigator contacted DABI officials daily over April 24-26 about the matter of the complaint. 
Result achieved: DABI finally told the Complainant which documents were missing, after which the company submitted its documents again. On April 28, the Complainant informed the BOC that DABI had satisfied the firm and issued the necessary building permit. The case was resolved.

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